Amend House, Clermont, PA
The new location, before was on the south of the North Street
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photo credit: Clermont Reuinion 2000

Jacob Amend, who operated Clermont's Meat Market, was one of several offspring of Bernhard and Margaret Hafner Amend. Both the Am,ends and Hafners remained in the Clermont area when Teutonia dissolved in 1845.  Jacob married the sister of John F Keating, who operated the Clermont House Hotel,
     Jacob was a Sergeant Township Road Supervisor, Sergeant Township School Board Director, and past Grand Master of the Clermont Lodge of the International Order of Odd Fellows, which met in their building atop Mead Hill at the southern end of North Street.  Their children were Bernhard, Marrie, Gretha, Lucius and Leonard.
     Coincidentally, Jacob;s sister Tessie married Jerry McCarthy, who operated a meat market in Smethport.
     Jacob's brother Phillip committed suicide  by hanging himself from a tree near the Gumboot Mines in August 1930. His body wasn't discovered until December 1st.
     The Amend School, one of eight in the Sergeant Township School District, was located near the Katrine Swamp, along the Clermont-Milesburg Turnpike (now the Clermont-Wilcox Road).

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Marrie andGretha Amend

photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000

Lucius and Leonard Amend

photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000
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