Baseball Field
The baseball team Clermont Giants

photo credit: Clermont Reuinion 2000

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The baseball field was located on the hill North of town, east of Black Row. The earliest teams were known as the Clermont Giants, but after the clay factory was built they became the Clermont Claydiggers. They played other teams, and with Clint Silfies as a hard-throwing pitcher they enjoyed much success. The Claydiggers existed until the 1960's, playing teams from Wilcox and Hazelhurst. A weekly pasttime in the mid-60's was the game between the "old-timers" and the younger generation. McKean County Miner, August 23, 1895: A most exciting game of ball was played at Kushequa last Sunday between the Stalwarts of tha place and the Clermont Giants resulting in a victory of 21-8 for the last-named team. The Clermont team was dressed in regulation baseball costume. A gentleman who passed through Clermont last Sunday said there were only two people left in town, one was blind and the other could not walk. The best part of the proceedings was that the Kushequa team had a pitcher with whom they were not satisfied, so they discharged him and secured one from Kane. The Clermont management secured the discharged pitcher and went over to Kushequa and he pumped the daylight out of his former team. A gentleman who was present says there was an immense crowd something less than 1500.