Butt's Store, Clermont, PA
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photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000

W.E.Butts, Clermont Postmaster

W. E. Butts, postmaster in Clermont, was born in Arkansas Saeptember 18, 1841.  At the age of 12 he moved to Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. Later he was employed by the Fall Brook Coal Company.Following his marriage September 18, 1875 to Elizabeth McCann of Fall Brook, he moved to Clermont. He was then employed as agent of the Western New York And Pennsylvania Railroad and Coal Company. He was later appointed postmaster, the office being located in his store on North Street in Clermont. He fathered four children: Lula, Kittie, WE Junior, and Fred.  Mr Butts was also a member of Clermont Lodge Number 749, International Order of Odd Fellows.