Main Street
looking east
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Fred Higgins on the picture with a mule

photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000

John William Steinhauer & his wife

Fred Higgins stands with his mule in front of the John William Steinhauer house. John had become a prominent Clermont figure, and had inheirited the family farm. His wife Augusta had substantial land holdings inheirited from her father WILLIAM Weidel. Both are descendants of the Teutonia utopian socialist community of the 1840's in the area.Augusta died of cancer in 1912, and John only two years later.

John W was a grand master of Clermont Lodge 949, International Order of Odd Fellows, was prominent in the Seargeant Township School District, was Justice of the Peace, active in the Methodist Church which was built in 1895, and became a large land holder. The house is now occupied by Esther Aloi, widow of John Aloi. The Aloi's were also in Clermont in 1900.


Main Street 2000
right beside the Kenneth Johnson's House

photo credit: Alex Sheldeshov