1896:  Looking West on Main Street, Clermont PA

photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000
interactive map of Clermont
Three town dandies loiter outside the Clermont Town Hall, which housed the Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace. The building to its west (right) was the Guarano Candy Store and dwelling. Just beyond it, near the intersection of Pine and Main is the general store of JH and son Fred Peterson (Fred died in Smethportís Stoneís Manor in the 1970ís). In the background is the Clermont Sewer Pipe Company, and the Methodist Church stands to the right. This photo was taken from in front of St. Sabina Catholic Church in Clermont.
Clermont GROWS!   Building Lots in Demand-A New Restaurant- Large Store Building-
McKean County Miner     January 24, 1896

Building lots are becoming in great demand.  We are informed that all the vacant lots of Milo Lyman on Main Street are taken up and that there will be buildings put up on them in the spring.

The McKean MINER wants the new rail road to run to Smethport, but by all present indications it will come to Clermont. Smethport is too slow for an enterprise of this kind.

But Hutchins will soon have this new restaurant completed.  He expects to have it open for the public by the first of February.  There will be a great improvement to the town.

Notices are up in town calling for a caucus to be held at the election house on Saturday  eve.  You should all turn out and see that the best men are selected for office.

Frank Reed has bought a lot of Milo Lyman on Pine St. on which he expects to erect a large store building.  He has already some of the lumber on the ground.

Milo Lyman, of Roulette, had business in town on Friday and Saturday of last week. Milo is always in a hurry.  Call again, Milo.

James Quirk, of Irish Hollow, and Clare Colegroove, of Smethport, were running some land lines near Clermont on Tuesday last.

John Meisel received a telegram on Saturday last from St. Marys announcing the sudden death of his brother, Jacob.

Rev. G. W. Halliwell, of Smethport was shaking hands with his many friends in Clermont on Wednesday last.

There is strong talk that our former townsman, J.H. Tate expects to be one of us in the near future.

T. Ryan, superintendent of the poor farm had business in town this week.

Prof, Robb, of Instanter, was in town between trains on Saturday last.

C.H. Beckwith, of Ridgway, was on our streets on day this week.

Our sleighing is still number one.