1896: Clermont, PA:  North Street

photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000
New BlackSmith Shop - Busy Justice - Livery Stable Wanted 
New Drug Store - Town Caucus -
McKean County Miner     January 31, 1896

There was a union caucus held at the opera house on Saturday evening, where the following candidates were nominated : for supervisor, Pat Gaynor and John Meisel, auditor, J.P. Howard; school directors; James Maloney and Pat Maloney; town clerk, Albert Anderson; judge of election, John Maloney; inspectors of election, M. Hurley and A.J. Atburg.

Mary A. Kleissath, of Rasselas stopped in Clermont on business on her way home from Buffalo, where she has been to see her husband, John Kleissath, who staking treatment in one of the hospitals there for a factured hand.

What a fine harvest a good livery would have here at present.  Some one make a start in this direction.  This is about the only business that Clermont is in want of at present.

F.H. . Reed is breaking the ground for his new drug store on Pine St.  Before another fall Pine St. will be built up in almost a solid block from Main St. to the railroad station.

Prof. J. E. Myers, of Eldred, called on our school directors one day last week.  Mr. Myers is a candidate for county superintendent of schools for McKean county.

Clermont is the only town in this vicinity that can boast of good sleighing.  We have fine sleighing, and fine weather to get the benefit of the sleighing.

The next industry for clermont is a new blacksmith shop, which is to be built on Main street near the Lyman coal mines.  One by one they come.

Business is beginning to boom at teh justice office these days, as our justice is kept quite busy.

The leap year dance at the opera house on Friday last was a grand success.

Our new railroad switch to the Lyman mines is completed.

B.E. Wellingdorf was in town one day last week.