The Village of Coryville 1930s

photo credit: Ella Mae Peters Collection

1. Coryville Wood Chemical Plant
2. 'Chemical Row' Houses (where people employed by the factory lived...mostly from Coudersport)
3. Captain Asa Howe Cory Home
4. School House up Moody Hollow in Eldred Township
5. Barn and building built in 1880 by Francis & Ella Cory Holmes (Asa John Holmes was 5 when it was built and they moved in)
6. Jennie and John Rice Home (still standing)
7. The 'Big House'
8. Theron & Laura Hardes Home (the house was new & they owned the Coryville store at that time)
9. Orville & Lucy Holmes Tuttle Home
10. The Grange Hall
11. Jessie and Andrew Washburn Home
12. The 'Red Power' pump station
13. Anna & John Rice Home (before them lived Drabant, a Polish family)
14. The Coryville United Brethren Church
15. The Coryville Store & Post Office
16. Asa John Holmes Home (Ella Mae Peter's father)
17. The Filling (gas) station owned by Edward Guenter (owned by Monti's before Guenter)
18. Coryville Union Depot
19. School House in Frisbee in Keating Township

The picture above is a painting done by Ella Mae Peter Holmes, who has a collection
of many artistic buildings. Scroll down to see the original painting, untouched.

Veiw Ella Mae Peters' Life Story
Village of Coryville Painting by Ella Mae Peters

photo credit: Ella Mae Peter Collection

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