Farmers Valley Refinery

photo credit: John G. Coleman Collection

Refinery Construction Program Extensive

Workmen are engaged in making foundation tests at the Farmers Valley plant of the Quaker State Oil Refining Co., in preparation for the construction of a large new power house and solvent plant.

Actual construction work, which will require about six months to complete, is expected to start next week.

The power plant will contain a steam generator type of boiler, with a 500 kilowatt capacity and capable of generating 1,400 horsepower, or enough
steam for the entire plant's needs.  The solvent plant will embrace one of the latest chemical processes in refining.

A contract for a 200-foot stack for the power house has been let; contracts for the boiler and plant itself have not been awarded.
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View of the Refinery 2008

Source: Diana Phalon