1900's Berney-Bond Glass Co.
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In 1900 the Berney Glass Company had been formed in Bradford to make glass and glassware in the Bradford Flint Glass Bottle Co. plant which they had acquired. They made a green glass at that plant with which they made bottles, flasks, etc. In 1902 the Bond Glass Company was formed in Hazel Hurst to make bottles etc. Bond Glass Company stockholders came from Bradford, Hazel Hurst, Union City and St. Marys which included A.J. Bond, M.J. Healy and C.E. Hazelton. It was a rather small company at first with $30,000.00 worth of stock. The Bond Company plant was built in Hazel Hurst about midway between the Keystone Glass Company and the Hazel Hurst Window Glass Company plants and on the west side of town. Right behind the factories is Belgian Town, named after the Belgians that lived there. They came to Hazel Hurst to use their glass blowing skills in the factories.

After a few years the Berney Glass Company of Bradford and the Bond Glass Company of Hazel Hurst merged and formed the Berney Bond Glass Bottle Co. which later grew into quite a large operation with plants in Hazel Hurst, Bradford, and Smethport in McKean County and in Knox, Clarion and other locations outside the county.

Berney Bond operated in Hazel Hurst until 1929, which was probably about the end of that company's existence. During 1928 and 1929, the Pierce Glass Company of Port Allegany leased the Hazel Hurst plant and operated it using lunch machines to blow the bottles. Shipping was done on the Shawmut and in trucks between Hazel Hurst and Port Allegany. Several Port Allegany people remember the leasing of the Hazel Hurst plant and Mr. Louis Reosler of Mt. Jewett also remembers it since he was the shipping clerk in Hazel Hurst. Herbert Huggler from the Port Allegsny Pierce office has a very good recollection of the events and the late George Hoffower was the truck driver who traveled between the two places. His son tells about the time when Mr. Hoffower had taken his wife along for the ride one day. In Hazel Hurst they found out that some bricks for a repair were needed from Kushequa. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffower drove to Kushequa in the truck; the bricks were loaded and they started back. Part way toward Hazel Hurst the truck broke down and they were stranded until late that night before help got to them. With the end of the Pierce lease, the Hazel Hurst plant was shut down and demolished, ending the glass business in Hazel Hurst. Back to Full View From S.E. Hill Stroll To Other End Of Belgian Town Keystone/Interstate Glass Factories

Berney Bond Glass Company, Hazelhurst, Pa., Plant History

Timeline provided by: Mr. Russ Hoenig

Hazel Hurst Window Glass Co., incorporated 1-5-1899

assumption: 1902, Bond Glass formed, A.J. Bond, Pres.

1-1-1901 (Bond Bottle Co.) - Date of Incorporation (PA state record)
10-31-1901 (Bond Bottle Co.) - M.N. Allen contracted to build 40 blower bottle house in Hazelhurst.
11-28-1901 (Bond Bottle Co.) - M.N. Allen supervising erection of glass bottle plant in Hazelhurst.
12-5-1901 (Bond Bottle Co.) - Application to incorporate Bond Bottle Co. on 12-26-1901.
4-23-1903 (Bond Bottle Co.) - W. J. Johnson, of Diamond Glass Co. of Hartford City, Ind., becomes manager of Bond Bottle Co.
9-17-1903 (Bond Glass Co.) - J.H. Tate, of Clermont, stopped in SP last Monday. he has a responsible position at Bond Glass Co.
9-17-1904 (Bond Glass Co.) - Stockholders to meet 10-1-1904 to discuss merger.
9-29-1904 (Bond Bottle Co. - Plant starts last Wednesday.
9-29-1904 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Bradford and Hazelhurst bottle factories merge to become Berney Bond Bottle Company.
10-4-1904 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Elected officers: A.J. Bond, Pres., C. E. Hazelton, tres., W.H. Koch, sec.
1-19-1905 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Tank overflowed.
10-18-1906 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Ground broken at hazelhurst to build new BB plant to replace Bradford plant destroyed by fire.
5-2-1908 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Local 112, plant plagued with sickness. Making Grape Juice, catsum and some 1/2 gallon grape juice.
5-9-1908 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Idle 1 tank, gas shortage.
5-21-1908 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Tank leak, plant down until fall.
2-20-1909 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant running, added night shift.
9-29-1909 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant is a two 8-ring operation
10-9-1909 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant fire and tank leak.
4-23-1910 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - 3 blowing machines removed (installed in 1909), 2 shifts making 4 to 32 oz items.
9-10-1910 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant starts last Thursday.
9-24-1910 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Whole plant making grape juice bottles.
1-23-1913 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant running.
6-1-1914 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant down for summer.
2-16-1917 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - (2-15-1917) plant burns.
3-29-1917 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Fire in tank of new bottle factory, should start up April 10th or 12th.
4-23-1917 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant up.
6-9-1917 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant has 4, 2 man Jersey machines making green beers and ammonia's.
9-9-1920 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant starts with Lynch machines & automatic feeders, and only 12 to 14 people working. Output greatly increased.
9-16-1920 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - 48 blowers and helpers replaced by machines. Total work force 12 to 14 people.
2-2-1922 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant down and idle for some time, rumor it will be moved.
5-12-1923 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - 1 tank idle, gas shortage.
1925 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in 3 company ads for soda, beer, ammonia, and milk along with Clarion.
1926 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in 1 company ad for milk only.
1927 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in 2 company ads for milk only.
1928 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in company ads
9-6-1928 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant down for cold repairs.
10-25-1928 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Harry Dippo hit by car when he steps off Hazelhurst Glass Bottle Factory truck.
12-18-1928 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant closes.
1929 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in company ads.
5-30-1929 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Plant leased by Pierce Glass Co. of Port Allegany.
6-13-1929 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Death in plant.
1930 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Listed in company ads through June.
1930 (OI) - Not listed in OI ads from May.
3-5-1931 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - All equipment removed, plant being knocked down for salvage.
3-12-1931 (Berney Bond Bottle Co.) - Deed transfer to OI for $1.