1900's Healy Glass Company
Originally named the Hazel Hurst Window Glass Company, and its the 1st Glass Plant in Hazel Hurst!
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photo credit: John Coleman Collection

The first glass plant in Hazel Hurst was the Hazel Hurst Window Glass Company, incorporated in February 1899 with its office in Bradford and its plant in Hazel Hurst. There were 15 stockholders, 12 of whom were from Bradford, 2 from Hazel Hurst, and 1 from Union City, Pa.Mack J. Healy had 100 shares, Frank P. Hazelton, 50, Clarissa F. Hazelton, 50, and Courtney E. Hazelton, 50 shares. The total capital stock was $65,000.00 and the purpose of the company was to manufacture and sell window glass.

The plant was located near the center of town on the west side of Marvin creek and was served by a switch from the Shawmut R.R. There was never more than one furnace which was a tank, and all the glass was hand blown.

In 1904 the Hazel Hurst Window Glass Company was re-organized as the Healy Window Glass Company, with Mack Healy and Courtney Hazelton from the previous company and A.J. Bond, W.S. Gaffney, A.M. Mayor, and C.V. Merrick as leading stockholders. All the stockholders were from Bradford and the total capital stock was $80,000.00.

Apparently this plant did not re-organize after 1905 and it appears to have operated until 1912, when it burned and did not rebuild.

One man who remembers that plant said that the one thing he can remember about that fire was the fact that the tank collapsed during the fire and released the molten glass which flowed into the creek before it solidified and on contact with the water, formed a dam across the creek. Much of this glass is still visible near the former site of that plant.

2001 Healy Factory

photo credit: Jeremiah Vandermark 2001

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