Schimmelfeng House
Later Known As The
St. John's Episcopal Church
Instanter, PA

photo credit:  Elk County Historical Society Collection
Story Credit: 
The Elk Horn 
Elk County Historical Society 
Vol 14 -- No. 3 
Winter Issue 1978

(This article was written by George and Margaret Rupprecht on information gleaned from public records and private sources including the files of the
Johnsonburg Press.) 

When Mr. Hogan came to Instanter, he purchased the former Henry Schimmelfeng home, a very pretentious structure, and before leaving for Cleveland he sold the residence to Right Rev. Roger Israel, as trustee for St. John's Episcopal Mission chapel. 

The Episcopal Church congregation held its regular religious services in the school building until 1914 when it purchased the former Schimmelfeng home from Dan Hogan, and completely remodeled it for their purpose.  It was named St. John's Episcopal Mission Chapel.  The dedication services were conducted by Right Rev. Bihop Roger Israel of Erie, assisted by the Most Rev. Radecliffe of the Grace Episcopal Church of Ridgway. 

The Catholic Church congregation also conducted its services in the school building held once a month by the pastor of the Holy Cross Church of Rasselas.  He had charge of the parishes of Rasselas, Wilcox, Instanter, Straight and Glen Hazel and held Sunday services alternately at the various towns.  In 1921 the Catholic building was torn down, as the operations of tannery, the only employer, were about to be discontinued.  Some of the salvaged material was purchased by Dr. H. E. Kigus of Brockway who was presently engaged in erecting a large camp at Glen Hazel. 

In 1918 the national influenza epidemic was rampant and in Instanter an emergency hospital was set up in St. John's Episcopal Mission House and cared for 52 male and 50 female patients.  Dr. Cleveland of Mt. Jewett made daily trips to the hospital and was assisted by a registered nurse and other volunteers.  No charge was made to the patients as the financial support was supplied by public contributions.  Only two of the patients were lost during its period of operation.

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