1901 Smethport Football Team

1901 SHS Football Team
McKean County Miner, September 26 1901

The outlook for a football team hero this fall is very encouraging. The boys are doing considerable practicing and they have engaged an experienced person as coach. Keep your eye on the Smethport football team.

Portville vs. Smethport
McKean County Miner, October 10, 1901
Portville vs. Smethport High School football teams at Sartwell field Saturday afternoon. Admissions: gentlemen 25c, ladies 15c.

Smethport: 0, Portville: 0
McKean County Miner, October 17, 1901

(The Smethport first football team has come back to life and have arranged for a game with St. Mary’s on Sartwell field, October 30.)

The Smethport and Portville High School football teams clashed at Sartwell Field Saturday, last, the score of the contest standing 0 to 0 at the close. The Portville boys greatly outweighed their opponents, but Smethport made up its lack of avoirdupois by superior audacity and kept the ball almost exclusively in Portville territory throughout the game. A fair-sided crowd was in attendance and was treated to an exciting tussle of the pigskin, as they could desire. Green kicked off for Smethport to the visitors’ 15-yard line and the New Yorkers dashed it back to the 25-yard line before downed. Then by a succession of plagues the angle the line they advanced the ball to the exact center of the field where they lost it on downs. Smethport took the ball around right end for a big gain and after making a few short gains the ball was given to Halfback, Redfield who made a splendid run and was on the Portville 25-yard line when Smethport lost the ball on an unfortunate fumble. Portville, however, was unable to make substantial gains and Smethport soon had the ball traveling toward the enemy’s goal. It seemed almost certain Smethport would score in this half, but …would prepare to give a grant-announcing touchdown; Smethport would lose on downs or fumble. The half cleared with the ball well down the field in Portville’s territory, Smethport again had the kick=off in the second half, which as far as gains were concerned, was almost a repetition of the first half, Although Portville’s play showed slight improvement. There’s a weak spot in Smethport’s line and the visitors found it, but the agility of the backs kept them from doing much. Morrison was injured in the first half so that Purtle took his place at full back, changing from half back. He work of breaking interference and tackling was excellent. …Considering the weight of their opponents and the half back which seemed to pursue them throughout the contest Smethport did well in keeping the New Yorker’s from scoring.

Smethport to Play St. Mary's
McKean County Democrat, October 24, 1901

Smethport’s first football team will play the St. Mary’s first team at Sartwell field on Tuesday next. The Smethport High School team will probably play a game with Bradford High School team here on Saturday.

Smethport to Play Eldred
McKean County Miner, October 3, 1901

The Smethport High School football team will play a game with the Eldred High School at Eldred on Saturday nest. The lineup of the Smethport team will be as follows: Green, Ranter or Griffin, Campbell or Burdles, Gorton, Masser, Backus, Mayo, Rubin, Koenig, Purtle, Morrison and Eckert.

Smethport Wins One, Ties Another
McKean County Miner, October 24, 1901

Smethport 6 Eldred 0

The Smethport High School football team won a decided victory over the Eldred High School team on Sartwell field last Saturday after defeating the visitors by a score of 6 to 0. The home boys kicked off on Sartwell who made a good catch and punted back to our 20-yard line here the ball was downed. Our boys started in with a series of end and tackle plays, making good gains until Eldred’s 20-yard line was reached. Here the signals got mixed and the ball was given to the visitors on account of the quarterback running with the ball. Eldred was held for downs and the local team circled the ends until they got the ball on Eldred’s 2-yard line. Masser was tried through left tackle but failed and then Purtle was shoved over the line for a touchdown. Redfield kicked goal, Score Smethport 6, Eldred 0.

Eldred kicked to Redfield who advanced the ball to our 40-yard line. It changed hands once or twice and when time was called the ball was well in Eldred’s territory. The second half was opened by Sartwell kicking to F Sacrer and he, without any interference to the center of the field. Smethport steadily advanced the ball well into the visitors’ territory, where they made a brace and held the home team for downs. Then Eldred by some ground line bucking and a few successful end runs and trick plays got the pigskin back into territory and only for a sensational tackle of Fullback Purtle would have made a touchdown. Here the home team held well but were penalized 15 yards for a foul tackle, but in the next set of downs Smethport go the ball and punted back to the middle of the field, just as time was called and the score remained Smethport 6, Eldred 0.
Smethport as a whole played faster ball than ever before and all performed well. Masser at right tackle, Redfield at right halfback and A. Sherer at left end were the stars of this game and ever time they got the oval the gulps were large. Koenlz also made some nice runs around right end. Sartwell’s good work was most noticeable in the Eldred team and his line hurdling is solid.

The lineup was as follows:

Eldred (Positions) Smethport
Denning (l.c.) A. Sherer
Duncan (l.t. )Gordon
McGuvisk (l.g.) F.Sherer
Green (c) Green
Guignet( r.g.) Ranter
Robbins (r.t.) Masser
L. Morrison (r.e.) Backus
Sweeney (l.h.b.) Koenig
Jessops (r.h.b.) Redfield
W. Morrison (q.b.) Mayo, capt
Sartwell, capt.( f.b.) Purtle

Kane 0-Smethport 0
The most interesting game of the season was played on Sartwell field yesterday afternoon between the Kane and Smethport High Schools. Bother were in good form and played clean, fast ball.
Smethport won the toss and chose west goal. Kane kicked off to Smethport’s 35-yard line and it was carried back 15 where it went to Kane on downs. They gained 8 yards when our team held them for downs and advanced it to Kane’s territory and punted it over Kane’s goal line. Kane was allowed to carry it out 15 yards and punted to their 35 yard line. Smethport rushed the ball to the 5 yard line where it went to Kane on downs. Kane, by a mixture of end and line plays go the oval back 40 yards when time was called. No Score.

Morrison opened second half by kicking to 30 yard line and Kane was held for downs. Our bos steadily advanced to Kane’s 5-yard line where they lost it on downs. In this cocally the ball changed hands frequently. Kane found a weak spot in our line and worked up to their 45-yard line when time was up. No score.
Smethport had the stronger teamaining 30 yards more than the visitors and had Masser excaped injury we would have scored. Every man on both teams played his part well, but the tack made by Rummer desevers special mention as it probably saved a toucdown although the play was from Kane’s 20-yard line.

The lineup follows:

Kane (Positions) Smethport
Blue (l.c.) A. Sherer
Rickets (l.t.) Gordon
Aggers (l.g.) F.Sherer
Campbell (c) Green
Dolphin (r.g.) Ranter
Aley (r.t.) Masser
Collinge (r.e.) Backus
Broader (l.h.b.) Koenig
Berkwater (r.h.b.) Redfield
Nelson (q.b.) Mayo, capt
Reighhard (f.b.) Purtle