Side View of Judge Bouton's Mansion

photo credit: Dona Fizzell Cooper Collection

Judge Bouton is Popular in Meadville
McKean County Miner
Thursday, March 19, 1908

Meadville Star: Hon. J. W. Bouton of Smethport, president judge of McKean County, who was called here Monday to preside over a special list of 18 or 20 cases, returned home Friday. While here he heard all the cases which were ready and in his conduct while on the bench and as a citizen, he made a very favorable impression with the attorneys interested on both sides of the cases, and also with all who had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. He clearly demonstrated that he was a high interpretation of the law and the happy faculty of being a good natured, jovial man at all times. He was sociable and pleasant with all, and the bench of Crawford County will welcome the opportunity that may again bring him to Meadville.

Judge Bouton was appointed president judge of McKean County to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Judge Morrison to the superior court and then was re-elected on the Republican ticket for a term of 10 years.