Lois Young and Her Horse, Eddie Roan

photo credit: Lois Van Rooy Collection

The Democrat. Thursday January 4 1923

Lois Young Studholme was born at Larabee, Pa., May 28th, 1880, the daughter of DeWitt Clinton and Ada Taylor Young. Mrs. Studholme’s death occurred in the Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, where she had gone for medical treatment on Dec. 20th. She was buried from St. Luke’s Church Saturday, Dec. 23rd.

On Nov. 26th 1907 in St. Luke’s church Lois Young married to E. A. Studholme. Her husband, four children, Ada, Clinton, Taylor and Joseph and her mother, Mrs. Ada Taylor Young survive he and have the prayers and sympathy of all.

No one who had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Studholme can ever forget the influence and uplift of her happy and refined nature. To her naturally fine min were added culture and a wonderful graciousness of manner that endeared her to all. In social life one felt the better for her presence. In matters for the betterment f civic and community affairs she was always interested and helpful. Her services on committees of all organizations to which she belonged, and they were many, were cheerfully and whole hearty given.
She was a devoted member of St. Luke’s church and her faith shone, ever with steady light. Securely poised in her religious convictions she kept untarnished her lofty ideals and lived her life on the high plane of a devoted Christianity. Her spiritual character was built on faith and established in principle.

A devoted daughter, wife and mother in the finest sense because of the high spiritual character, the results of that faith which enabled her to meet the issues of life and death with a smile.

Alive with her lord today she also is alive here with those who knew and loved her.

I will pray
As for the living, for the dead each day
They will not grow
Less meet for heaven when followed by a prayer
To speed hem home, like summer scented air
From long ago
Who shall forbid the heart’s desire to flow
Beyond the limits of the things we know
In heaven above
The incense that the golden censers bear,
Is the sweet perfume from the saintly prayer
Of trust and love.