Brennan Farm

Photo Credit: McKean County Historical Collection

There is a street named after John William Brennan: Brennan Avenue. John William Brennan obituary notice, Jan 30, 1902 in the McKean County Miner explains: "...his burial took place under Masonic auspices and was largely attended. He was born Nov 11, 1837 in Rochester, NY. When he was quite young his family moved to Wyoming, NY where he attended school. Later they moved to Allegany, NY where he grew to manhood. About 1860 he went to Bradford, purchased property, and helped construct the Bradford branch of the Erie railroad. He held several positions in Bradford: McKean County Treasurer in 1880, School Board of Education in 1875, also the Justice of the Peace and a member of Union Lodge No 334 where he served as a Master of the lodge. About 1880, John and Sarah Brennan moved to 424 Mechanic Street, Smethport, PA, where he died in January 1902, buried in Rosehill Cemetery. John William Brennan had six children: Alma Brennan Gallup, Henry John Brennan, Mary Brennan Blowers, Edna Brennan Warren, Martha Brennan Clothier and George William Brennan. Henry John Brennan, the great grandfather of Helen DeLaurentis , died less than a month after his father in February 1902 of appendicitis, leaving five small children under the age of ten. Henry John Brennan co-owned a bank in Smethport, with his brother-in-law Murton J. Gallup. John William also had two brothers: Richard Brennan of Wilcox, PA, Henry Brennan of Pattan, PA and one sister, Mrs. Jane Allen of Smethport, PA. Jane Brennan Allen is a mystery. John William Brennan, Henry John Brennan and several other Brennan family members located in the Rosehill Cemetery, as is Jane Brennan Allen Jane Brennan Allen is a mystery. McKean County Historical Society, the Bradford Landmark Society, St. Elizabeth's Church, Gary Drum Smethport Funeral Director, and Switzer Funeral Home in Port Allegany, PA were all contacted by Helen Delaurentis but none had any vital records on Jane Brennan Allen or her children:Rose, Henry, and Carrie.

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Helen DeLaurentis
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