1962 Smethport Area High School
Instructional Staff
Teacher                    Subject(s)                    Taught
Mr. Dominic Alfieri, Health and Physical Education Miss Janet Kowalski, Art
Mr. Neil Bailey, Biology, Science Mr. George Larson, Industrial Arts
Mr. Anthony Brzenski, Music Mrs. Dorothy Lombard, Commercial
Mr. Nino Bucarelli, Spanish, French Mrs. Gail McBride, Home Economics
Mr. Lewis Chambers, Vocational Agriculture Mr. Robert McBride, History
Mr. Anthony Cimbal, Latin I and II, Science Mr. Jack Nelson, Industrial Arts
Miss Martha Colegrove, Library, English Mr. Jack Pennington, Driver Education
Mr. Richard Danielson, Geography, Science Mr. Charles Partchey, Instrumental Arts
Mr. Donald Dempsey, Civics, Problems of Democracy Miss Judith Randall, English
Mr. James Donovan, U. S. History Mr. Henry Reap, Algebra I, Mathematics
Mrs. Elsie Downey, Mathematics Miss Harriett Rockefeller, Commercial
Mr. Richard Dunn, Geometry, Algebra II Mr. Dale Schell, Commercial
Mrs. Dorothy Feit, Special Education Miss Bonnie Sims, Home Economics
Mrs. Rhea Francisco, Reading Mrs. Margaret Stone, Vocal Music
Mr. Joseph Gates, English, History Mr. Clarence Strabel, General Mathematics
Mr. Emerson Havens, World History, Civics Mr. John Summerville, Physics and Chemistry
Mrs. Pauline Hergenrother, English Mrs. Mary Swanson, English
Miss Alma Johnson, English Mr. Theodore Vesber, General Science
Miss Anita Johnson, Health and Physical Education

1962 Smethport Area High School
Education Secretaries

Mrs. Eleanor M. Abplanalp Mrs. Esther C. Herriman Miss Beverly A. McGavisk

1962 Smethport Area High School
Cafeteria Personnel

Mrs. Mary Pickersgill, Manager Mrs. Annie K. Clark Mrs. Marion Gustafson
Mrs. Catherine R. Anderson Mrs. Marjorie W. Cleveland Mrs. Mae Meley
Mrs. Ethel L. Brown Mrs. Jean Gregory Mrs. Myra F. Wilson

1962 Smethport Area High School
Custodial Personnel

Mr. Llewellyn J. Wright, Head Custodian Mr. John W. Keith
Mr. Earl M. Grinolds Mr. Calvin J. McGuire

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