1962 Smethport Area High School
Historical Information
July 1, 1956.....Date of Formation of the Joint School System.
August 20, 1956.....Application Filed for Inspection of School Facilities and Building Sites.
November 2, 1956.....Buildings and Proposed Building Sites Inspected by Department of Public Instruction.
January 31, 1957.....Proposed Building Project Approved.
February 6, 1957.....Inspection Order Number 68 Awarded Project.
April 7, 1957.....Selected Hunter, Campbell and Rea, Building Architects.
July 9, 1957.....Building Site Selected by Board of Education.
October 22, 1957.....Approved Room Schedule Received from Department of  Public Instruction.
January 14, 1958.....Application Filed for Permission to Erect a Building.
March 24, 1958.....Department of Public Instruction Approves Building Site.
June 24, 1958.....State Public School Building Authority Selected to Finance Building.
July 30, 1958.....Construction of a New High School Building Approved.
August 12, 1958.....Board of Education Moved to Construct the New Building.
November 19, 1958.....Department of Public instruction Reviewed Preliminary Building Plan.
March 25, 1959.....Final Building Plans Reviewed by Department of Public Instruction.
May 7, 1959.....Final Building Plans Approved by Department of Public Instruction.
August 11, 1959.....Bids Opened for Construction of the Building.
September 8, 1959.....Construction Started on the Building.
April 5-6, 1961.....Movable Furniture and Equipment Bids Awarded.
August 10, 1961.....Preliminary Final Inspection of the Building.
September 6, 1961.....Occupancy of the Building.
April 1, 1962.....Dedication and Public Inspection.

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