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Biography of William Specht

William Specht, dealer in furniture, Smethport, was born in Hanover Germany, in 1825, son of Eingenhouse and Louisa Specht. After the death of Eingenhouse, Louisa Specht was Married to Jacob Sasse,  and became The mother of Carl Sasse. William Specht was educated in his native country, immigrated to America in 1851, and the same year he was located in Smethport, where he worked at the  cabinet makers trade. He married December 3, 1854, Elizabeth Heineman (who died February 25, 1881), and they had two children: Carrie who died December 23,1886, and William F.  In 1879 he, and Carl Sasse, erected a fine, commodious building in Smethport, and engaged in the furnature business, which they still continue. He is a member of McKean Lodge, No. 388, F.&A.M.  HE and his wife are members of the catholic church, and he is a republican in politics.

Carl Sasse, his partner in business, was born in Duderstadt, Hanover, Prussia, in 1838, and immigrated to America in 1863.  He located in Smethport, and engaged in the cabinet making trade until he became associated with Mr. Specht in business. He married, in 1867, Margaret Koenig, also a native of Duderstadt, and they have had five children. Lenard (deceased), Amanda, Herman, Rudolph, and Waldo

History of Specht Residence

Gilbert Lyman and Lodena, his wife, to William Specht
Dated: October 23,1865    Recorded: October 24, 1865    Deed Book page number: 20    Consideration: $300.00
Conveys by General Warrenty Deed, duty acknowleged, all that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situate in the township of keating, County of Mckean,  State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a post and stones corner in the center of the road running from Smethport and crossing the creek near Gherdis Connins Mill and mechanisburgh and being twenty perches south of the northwest corner a lot of land deed by; Asa  Sartwell to G. Connis and N.Medbury said corner standing on south bank of Marvin Creek. thence south  on line of Sarah Ann Carters lot. Thence east ten perches to a post and stones corner. thence north eight perches to a perch and stone corner. thence west ten perches to a post and stones corner in the center of the road. being the place of begining Containing 80 square perches of land clained by deed from James L. Boyland and wife to laid Lyman dated August 7, 1862.

Estate of William Specht
Date of will: June 2, 1909  Probated: February 13, 1914   R. D. "G", page 417   Date of death: Febuary 8,1914
After direction for payment of debts bequethes made to grandsons and granddaughter. All the rest residue and remander of estate to son, William F. Specht, his heirs, exicuters, administrators, and assigns.

William F. Specht and Addie O., his wife, to Leo L. Herzog
Dated: December 6, 1918    Recorded: December 31, 1918    Deed book, 178, page 106    Consideration: $1.00    $3.00 I.R. stamps canc'd conveys by General Warrenty Deed duty acknowleged, all that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situated in the borough of Smethport, County of McKean, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a post in the center of Mechanic Street in said borough at the northwest corner of a lot of land heretofore conveyed to Dara Wettenhall(now deceased) By Elizabeth Beckwith by deed dated August 3rd, A.D. 1885, and recorded in said McKean County in Deed Book Vol, 51 at page 283, reference threrto being hereby had; thence East by the north line of said Wettenhall land ten rods , more or less, to a post it's northeast corner in the west line of land formerly of Rowland Burdick, now deceased; thence north of the west line said Burdick's land six rods, more or less, to the south line of bank street ten rods, more or less, to the center of said mechanic street  six rods,more or less, to the place of beginning. containing sixty square rods of land be the same, more or less. Being part of the land conveyed at abstract No.1

    The said herein named Grantor claiming title as residuary devisee of the said William Specht who died test date Febuary 8, 1914, devising to said herein named Grantors.

Estate of Leo L. Herzog
Date of will: August 8, 1969 Probated:July 8, 1970  R.D.  13, page 4  Date of Death: July 13, 1970

Robert Herzog, Executor U/L/W/T Leo L. Herzog. to Dimitro Bourandas and Helen Bourandas, husband and wife
Dated: August 30, 1970    Recorded: September 3, 1970    Deed Book 459, page 67

Information Deed
Elizabeth Beckwith and Ransom, her husband to Dora Wettenhall
Dated: August 3, 1885    Recorded: August 28, 1889    DeedBook 51, page 283    Consideration: $1.00

Dimitro Bourandas and Helen Bourandas, husband and wife to Warren E. Semmel and Bonnie Lee Semmel, husband and wife
Dated: July 11, 1972    Recorded: July 12, 1972    Deed Book Vol. 470, page 679&co.

2001 William Specht House: presant day Warren Semmel House

photo credit: Lester Jordan Jr.

photo credit: Lester Jordan Jr.

photo credit: Lester Jordan Jr.

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