1901:  Allegany Window Glass Company
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection
The factory of the Allegany Window Glass Company was built during the summer of 1901, the first blowing being made on September 27, of that year.  The company was organized by R.W. Hilton of Smethport assisted by W.J. Edgar, a practical glass man who procurred a crew of good workmen, about twenty-five of whom took stock in the company.  A gas contract running five years was procurred from the Citizens Gas Co. of Port Allegany, that company reserving the right to deliver the gas at East Smethport , Smethport, or Port Allegany.  This developed a sharp contest for a few weeks between these two boroughs as to which of them should secure the forty-eight blower tank factory, Port Allegany finally winning out.

The company was incorporated May 4, 1901.  Capital stock $100,000, which was promptly subscribed.  The first officers were R.W. Hilton, president; P.W. Carson vice president; H.R. Hilton, secretary and treasurer.  The only change in the corporation officials was the election of R.E. Burdick, Smethport, in place of P.W. Carson.

W. J. Edgar was appointed by the Board of Directors as factory manager and continued in this position until 1905, when he retired to accept a similar position with the Kueas Window Glass Co., of Coudersport.  Mr. Edgar was succeeded by W.E. Springer for two years.  Since 1907 the duties of factory manager have been divided between C.C. Beckley, F.A. Eckert, and H.R. Hilton.

C.C. Beckley has been boss cutter in the factory since it started and in later years, in addition to his duties in the cutting room, has employed all the skilled workmen.

G. W. Embler was the first bookkeeper being succeeded in 1905 by F.C. Retzer.  Miss Olivia P. Quinn was stenographer and stock clerk from the starting of the factory until her marriage to Dr. Skaden in 1910.

The factory has been operated from seven to ten months in each year since 1901 (1913 at time).  It started with a standard of excellence, equal to the best brands on the market at the time and has maintained that standard ever since regardless of condition of markets and competition of machines, and the "Allegany Brand" is now known in every market in the United States. and commands a premium above every other make whether hand or machine.  This reputation of the brand has made the name Port Allegany a familiar one in the window glass trade and among large users of good glass all over the United States.

This factory was the first in the United States to place on the market 32 oz. or triple thick glass and has had a steady demand for it ever since.

Locations of the three Port Allegany glass factories just after 1900
#1 Olean Glass Bottle Factory   #2  Allegany Window Glass Company  #3  Mississippit (Appert) Glass Company

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection
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