McKean County's Famous Potato Creek Railroad
Topographical Map

Photo credit: USGS topographic map

photo credit : Lorine Rounsville collection

1.Gerald Grinolds 2. Grandpa Grinolds 3. Teddy (dog) 4. Unknown child 5.Milford Grinolds 6.Mooney Grinolds 7.Don Grinolds 8. Mart Grinolds

Origins of Mckean County's Famous Potato Creek Railroad

The Potato Creek Railroad was incorporated on January 10, 1907 to build fourteen miles of rails fom the Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad at Keating Summit, Pa to Norwich, Pa. The P.C.R.R. would have to cross private lands between Keating Summit and Potato Creek and this necessitated it's incorporation as a common carrier to enable land condemnation for a right of way.The 1907panic and shortage of cash delayed serious work until late 1908. Eventually the Potato Creek Railroad carried lumber and passengers between Hamlin Station through Keystone, Betula, Norwich and over Keating Summit, Pennsylvania. When the Goodyears mill at Norwich closed in 1920 the railroad as well at the remaining plants were doomed.

"The Goodyears:An Empire in the Hemlocks"
Thomas T. Taber III