1895: Rosehill Cemetery Looking Toward Smethport

photo credit: Sandra Green Collection
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These pictures were taken on the upper portion of the cemetery about 1895.  The old cemetery, located near to the east of the Backus Building on Water Street, was moved to to this new Rose Hill site during the early 1890s.  It is unclear at this point whether the diary entry refers to the Rose Hill Cemetery or the Water Street Cemetery.
Beautiful Views but Too Many Weeds at Rose Hill Cemetery
McKean County Miner
July 27, 1894
Last Sunday, in company with W. H. Morrison , we visited Rose Hill cemetery the silent city of the dead and enjoyed an hour wandering around reading the inscriptions of loving remembrance to departed friends on the tombstones and monuments, of which there are a large number of beautiful designs and fine workmanship. The only thing to mar the appearance of the cemetery is the lack of care displayed in many places. If the weeds and grass were kept mowed down in proper shape it would be one of the loveliest spots in this section. The view on all sides is perfectly grand. Looking up the broad valley of Potato Creek, the scenery is wonderfully beautiful, and the little hamlet of East Smethport adds a charm to the spot. Looking down the stream towards Farmers Valley, the fields of growing crops, orchards and farm buildings add to the beautiful view laid before the observer. Then turning your gaze in a northwesterly direction, the beautiful borough of Smethport lays before you as if spread out at your feet, and from the point of observation it would be a hard matter to find a more pleasing view to gaze upon, and the high mountain to the northward makes a rich background to the scene. then turning the eye more to the westward, the little village of Mechanicsburg comes into view, which adds another charm to the delightful picture spread before us. Taken all in all, the view from the cemetery to the observer for the first time is one that will remain on the mind for a long period as one of the loveliest spots to while away an idle hour.


2001 Rosehill Cemetary

photo credit: James Freer Collection

view of East Smethport during floodview of Smethport during floodlook south in Rosehill Cemetery1907 View of Smethport1910 View of Smethport1890 view of Smethport1907 view of Smethportlook south in Rosehill Cemeteryview of East Smethport during flood