1884: Poor Farm Superintendent's Residence
part of the McKean County Poor Farm Complex, Smethport, PA

1st McKean County Poor Farm Superintendent, D. H. Burnham & Mrs. Burnham in front of  Poor Farm Superintendent's Residence.
photo credit: John G. Coleman Collection

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There were 17 men who served as Superintendent since the Poor Farm was completed in 1885: E. F. Richmond, D. H. Burnham, John R. Chadwick, C. S. King, T. H. Ryan, Jonathan Colegrove, J. C. Brenneman, C. O. Taylor, William  Taylor, William Hungerford, E. H. Lopus, Virgil Strang, N. H. A., Edgar Alexander N.H.A., Dennis Hazlak N.H.A.; J. Scott Parisella, N. H A., Terry D. Lopus, N. H. A. James Neely N.H.A., Terry Lopus N.H.A. (again), Joan McAndrew N.H.A., and at present is Troy A. Smith N.H.A.
From 1885 until 1915 the salary of the Poor Farm Superintendent was $800.00 a year.

(Information given by Sena Kean Manor Centennial Celebration Dedication Ceremonies on Tuesday, July 9, 1995 at 2:00 p.m. & updated 2/7/2001)