Dr. H. C. Well's Drug Store
& the Smethport Billiard Room next door
111 & 113 West Main Street

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection
In the Late 1800s, and in to the 1900s, the building at 113 West Main Street was the home of H. C. Wells Drugs.  Like many drugstores of those days, it not only sold Medicines to customers, but also a wide variety of items now commonly associated with five-and-dime variety stores.  Given Mr. Wells' reputation as being rather wealthy, it would be a safe guess that his drug store was possibly the most popular drug store in the area. On the side window of the building today, there is still the faint remnance of the traditional mortar and pestle used by medicine shops, which had been painted on the door over one hundred years ago.

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection

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