Clermont, PA School,
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photo credit: Clermont Reunion 2000

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Eight Schools: Kasson, Wermwag, Burning Well, Halsey, Hutchins, Amend, Clermont

Wages for teachers, total: $375
School Directors: J.F. Keating, Sam Bloomster, H.A. Boyd, W.E. Butts, John C. Martin, Jacob Hafner, Frank H. Reed, John L. Smith.

Teachers: Margaret Gibson, Elizabeth Dumjohn, Anna Gibson, Margaret Murphy, Estella Martin, W.J. Dobbins, Etta Mullin, D. Richardson, Dillie Whittaker, Margaret Keating, Irma Carpenter, Sylvia Downing, Helena Meisel, Gertrude Keating, Homer Wittaker, Marie Traynor, Katherine Duffy, Evelyn Steinhauer, M.E. Cahill, Ella Young, A.J. Holmes, Gertrude Coleman, Maude Welsh, Jennie Biever. In 1911 Miss Perry began her work in Clermont School. She had been working there for 50 years.


Clermont School in 2001 AD

photo credit: Alex Sheldeshov