Norwich Catholic Church

photo credit:  Potter County Historical Society Collection

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Ray Powers 44 head
Martha Powers 38 wife
Robert Powers 21 son
Gilbert Powers 18 son
Jack Fronk  33 head
Frances Fronk 26 wife
Frances Fronk 3 daughter
Jennie Fronk 2 daughter
Frank Fronk 5 1/2 son
Joe Bartitus 37  boarder
James Smith 47  head
Emma Smith 39 wife
Elizabeth Smith  11 daughter
Rosie Smith 10 daughter
Charlie Wilson 60 head
Roscoe Wilson 17 son
Ida Hicks 30 head
Vera Hicks 5 daughter
Charles Hicks son
Charles Bennett 47 head
Mary Bennett 44 wife
Dorothy Bennett 15 daughter
Cora Covert 26 daughter
Lloyd Covert 5 son
Marion Covert  1 dauhter
Frank Jot 36 head
Frances Jot 40 wife
Anna Saber 13 daughter
Mary Saber 12 daughter
Grace Jot 4 daughter
Frank Jot 2 son
Frank Ludden 30 boarder
John Pracn 23 boarder
John Mix 50 boarder
Frank ? 24 boarder
Frank Ruter 24 boarder
Arion Skoylund 34 boarder
Emil Peterson 32 boarder
Daniel Peterson ? boarder
William Humberton 47 head
Mary E. Humberton 48 wife
Robert W. Humberton 16 son
Lillian P. Humberton 12 daughter

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