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The Passing Of Norwich
Wellsboro Agitator:
July 26, 1920

I have read the Agitator two or three times in the past few months, articles about the passing to the Norwich Mill,  I am now going to write you as nearly as possible this time the actual situation.

In all probability the end of the present month will be the finish of the sawing at said mill.  As to the removal of the mill and operations to another location, nothing so far has been decided.
The operation here has covered a period of about ten years.  In 20,000 acres, something over 400,000 feet. At the same time they have cut and delivered to the Pennsylvania Stave Co.  at Betula, about 90,000,000 feet of hardwood for staves and heading; also many thousands of cords of chemical wood to the Keystone Chemical plant at Keystone.

The Norwich Lumber Co. is owned and controlled by the Goodyear interests, of Buffalo, N. Y., and is really a continuation of the Austin, Galeton and Medix Run Lumbering operations.

I am reliably informed that since the beginning of the Goodyear operations in Potter county, some time back in the eighties, they have manufactured and marketed very nearly four billion feet of Pennsylvania hemlock.  This includes Medix Run, Austin and Galeton production as well as Norwich.

They have sold several logging engines and some 80 log cars, but still have cars and engines enough to operate extensively.  Employees, houses in Norwich are being torn down and remove as fast as vacated, and probably by the end of the present year Norwich will be like Cross Fork only a pleasant memory.  ours truly,

E. E. Dutcher


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