1896:  Olean Glass Company
Glass Bottle Manufacturer

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection

1.  During 1896 the Olean Glass Company began operations at a new plant in Port Allegany with the purpose of manufacturing glass bottles.  The company located in Port Allegany because of a newly discovered vast supply of natural gas, good glass rock in the vicinity, & the availability of two railroads for easy shipping.  The original plant burned in 1903 and was rebuilt even larger than before.  The plant was in operation until 1912 and was sold at bankrupcy sale in 1913.
source:  Glass in Port Allegany Charles H. Catlin reprinted 1991

Panorama of the Turn of the Century Port Allegany Glass Factories
#1 is Olean Glass Company
#1 Olean Glass Bottle Factory   #2  Allegany Window Glass Company  #3  Mississippit (Appert) Glass Company

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection
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