Welcome to Port Allegany 1900
in Historic McKean County, Pennsylvania
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photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection
In a beautiful valley not far from the headwaters of the beautiful Allegheny River is located the enterprising borough of Port Allegany, Pennsylvania.  Well situated along the lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the terminal of the Coudersport and Port Allegany Railroad; at the junction of the Lillibridge, Portage and Skinner Creeks, surrounded by green-clad hills, Port Allegany makes an ideal home, both from a scenic and from a commercial standpoint.  Filled with handsome residences, traversed by beautiful shaded streets, having first class schools, and eight churches, it makes an ideal place to live.  Not only is its home life ideal, however, but it is a flourishing commercial town, having numerous factories, numerous stores equipped with large stocks of goods, high grade banking facilities, and most excellent rail accommodations.
text source:  Port Allegany, Pennsylvania 1913 compiled by H. C. Fetterolf

Topographical map of Port Allegany



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