1857: Hotel Butler
Corner of Main & Mill Street
Port Allegany, PA

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection

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Port Allegany is noted for its hospitality and among the hotels which have contributed towards securing this reputation is the Hotel Butler, under the proprietorship of J. M. Butler.  M. Butler is one of Port Allegany's well known business men and is highly popular with a large circle of acquaintances and friends.  The Hotel butler was built in 1857 and is an attractive three story building, with spacious verandas.  It is centrally located in the business district.  There are 30 sleeping rooms, two parlors, dining room, all of which are cozy, comfortable and home-like.  On the first floor is located a well appointed bar, which is stocked with the finest wines, liquors, ales, beers,  etc.  The dining room is a neat one and the service is the best, while the cuisine is most satisfactory.  A sufficient number of experienced hotel help is given employment.  Mr. butler is one of the most genial and companionable of men and just the one to cater to the public, and his hotel is one of the most popular in this community.  He is a wide-awake man, progressive and public spirited, and he feels a keen interest in the advancement of his home city.

Mr. Butler is a native of Canada where he was born in 1851.  He has spent the greater part of his life catering to the public and is a genial host and popular hotel man


Corner of Main & Mill Street 2001

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