Austin Elementary School
Austin, Pennsylvania

photo credit: Raymond Morton Hall:
"Raymond Viner Hall Architecture"

Built in 1958, the Austin Secondary School has a student capacity of 388 with a total area of 39,000 square feet. The contract construction costs were totaled as $540,3888. The school's plan arrangements employ the "finger plan" concept, providing zoning of quiet and noisy areas, and maximum practicable segregation of age groups. Being one of 3 schools with this plan, it is designed to enhance the rural site conditions and to adapt state standards to local needs, employ a non-combustible construction system of advanced type. Simple materials are fully exploited, and the structural elements are uncovered where practicable. Specific developments include steel in continuity, ground faced concrete masonry, simple assemblies, and a reduction of trade operations. These design procedures have produced relatively low bilding costs in every case.

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