Post 1933 Fire- Future Location of the Route 6 Diner

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New Dining Car To Open This Week
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, January 28, 1937

Alfred Sturdvient’s new dining car on Main Street will be open to the public for the first time either Friday of Saturday of this week.

All of the equipment for the handsome new eating place, the first diner ever seen here, arrived today. The car was constructed by Norman & Sons, local contractors.

Mr. Sturdvient announces that the diner will be open 24 hours a day.

The “train crew” will be composed of Miss Ella Parsons, Mrs. Ward Means, John Hungenford, and Miss Marguenite Parker.

Mr. Sturdvient has resigned as manager of the Dairy Bar. Before accepting that position last summer, he was employed at the Corner Drug Store for many years. Miss Parsons, Mrs. Means, and Mr. Hungerford are all former employees of the Corner Drug Store. Miss Parker was formerly employed at Halpenny’s Restaurant.

Dale Milliron, well known local restaurant man, has accepted a position as manager of the Dairy Bar in Mr. Sturdvient’s place.

Dining Car Opens
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, February 4, 1937

The new dining car on Main Street, owned by Miss Ella Parsons and Alfred Sturdvient, opened last Saturday and has been enjoying a splendid business.

The diner is never closed, remaining open 24 hours every day.

Eddie’s Diner
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, August 3, 1944

On January 5, 1941, Ed Okerlund purchased the Main street Diner from Alfred Sturdveint. Mr. and Mrs. Okerlund managed the business for a short while. Extensive improvements were made on the building making it more attractive in appearance on the inside and outside.

“Eddie’s Diner” has become a popular eating place for Court House employees, defense plant workers, and other business people of the town as well as a large transient trade. Very delicious and appetizing meals and lunches are served from 7 in the morning until 11 at night.

Mr. Okerlund is now having an addition, 14’x20’, built onto his establishment that will house the kitchen, and the present kitchen will be renovated into dining space for twenty more customers. His business has grown so rapidly that he finds that this addition is absolutely necessary in order to take care of the needs of the public.

One of Mr. Okerlund’s ambitions in the future is to install a new soda fountain system that will enable him to more fully take care of his patrons in this line.

Prior to Mr. Okerlund’s purchase of this business he operated a school bus for Keating township. Mr. and Mrs. Okerlund reside in East Smethport where they own their own home.

“Eddie’s Diner” is operated under the personal supervision of Mr. Okerlund, with the assistance of Mrs. Okerlund and the following employees: Mrs. Vera Lynch, Mrs. M.M. Munn, Mrs. Lilly Okerlund and Miss Dorothy Daugherly, who assists in the evenings.

Fred Barr Purchases Eddie’s Diner
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, March14, 1946

A deal was completed last week whereby Fred Barr, teacher in the East Smethport consolidated school, purchased the diner from Ed Okerlund. Mr. Barr will take over the operation of this popular local eating place the first of April and it is announced his sister will be in charge until the present school term ends in June. Mr. Barr will retain the present force.

Mr. and Mrs. Okerlund have conducted the Diner for the past four years.

Michael’s Fine Foods Is Serving Quality Meals
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, October 31, 1946

History has not changed the fact that one of man’s greatest pleasures is the enjoyment of fine foods. But history does record that mankind has continued to provide himself with more and better victuals.

It is only reasonable to assume that those who have had long experience in food handling and preparation can provide better meals. This is certainly true in Smethport where Michael’s Fine Foods is catering to a public that is most discriminating in its search for better meals.
Since acquiring the Main Street diner from Fred and Lulu Barr in the late summer, Michael DeSantis, a prominent proprietor of a Bradford grocery and butcher shop, has been guided by a creed that dictates that there is “nothing too good for the customer.” This attitude has paid dividends to Mr. DeSantis.

As each day passes new customers come with the old to partake in the finest food obtainable. Experts in the preparation of tasty dishes are constantly at work in the modern kitchen of Michael’s Fine Foods. That the customer obtains complete satisfaction is proven by the steadily increasing clientele of this distinguished eating place.

To facilitate the eating habits of all sections of our population, Michael’s Fine Foods maintains hours to suit nearly every requirement. The establishment is open from 7 a.m. until 12 midnight each day, including Sunday, with the exception of Saturday when the closing hour is 1 o’clock.

In an effort to provide more speedy service Michael’s Fine Foods has installed the necessary equipment to serve many short orders from the front part of the building. This insures the serving of food while it is at the proper temperature. Before the business was reopened several months ago by Mr. DeSantis, the structure was newly painted and redecorated.

Mr. DeSantis stated yesterday that his constant aim will be to serve the finest in prepared food at moderate prices. He hoped that it wouldn't be long before the conditions on the purchasing market would permit a reduction in the retail price of meals and short orders.

Whether it be a snack or a hearty meal, Michael’s Fine Foods is the place to go. You will receive what you want when you want it.

It is the pledge of the management to continue to strive to provide better food for less money.

Main Street Diner Opens Under New Management
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, January 9, 1947

Albie and Bernice Mattison Conclude Deal January 1.

Albie and Bernice Mattison, well known residents of East street, Smethport, purchased the Main Street Diner, recently known as Michael’s Fine Foods, from the owner, Michael De Santis of Bradford. The deal was made effective January, 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Mattison opened their establishment for business yesterday morning after being closed several days for remodeling. A soda fountain has been installed in the front of the building, replacing a grill, which was removed to the kitchen.

The new owners stated on Tuesday that they will be open from 7 a.m. until midnight each day with the exception of Friday and Saturday, when the closing hour will be extended.

Mr. Mattison is employed by the Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation at their Farmers Valley plant, while Mrs. Mattison was employed as manager of the Valley Grill until she acquired the Diner.

Mr. De Santis held the title to the business for about four months, having acquired it from Fred and Lynn Barr in September of 1946. The Barrs bought the eating establishment from Ed A. Okerlund in the late spring of last year. Okerlund owned and operated the business for several years prior to selling it to the Barrs.

Mattison Diner Sold To Mrs. Jessie Sheldon
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, October 28, 1948

Mrs. Jessie Sheldon of Smethport has purchased the Diner on Main street owned by Mr. and Mrs. Alyle Mattison. The business was taken over by the new owner last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mattison expect to leave soon for California where they will spend some time.

Main Street Diner To Reopen Today In Smethport
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, April 2, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Milroy, a well-known Smethport couple, have purchased the popular Main St. Diner and will reopen the eating place today (Thursday.)

The Milroy Diner has been completely redecorated by the new owners during the past ten days.

It was announced that the Diner will specialize in home cooking and baking. The cooks are Mrs. Agnes Farrel and Mrs. Esther Canfield and the waitresses are Jessie Sheldon and Elizabeth Ness.

The Diner will be open from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on week days and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

Bradford Man Purchases Diner In Smethport
McKean County Democrat
Thursday, November 4, 1965

Tracy’s Diner on Main Street, Smethport, is now operating under new ownership, effective last Monday.

Mrs. June Tracy sold the Diner to Ivan Regis who has owned and operated the popular South Bradford Dairy Bar for the past eight years.
This week, Mrs. Tracy is remaining at the Diner to introduce the new owner to the customers.

Smethport’s Main Street Diner was established 30 years ago by Miss Ella Parsons and the late Alfred Sturdvient and has been a successful business operation ever since.

Owners have included Mr. and Mrs. Ed Okerlund and Fred Milroy, in addition Mrs. Tracy and her late husband.

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