1950: Inside Fulton House
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Mong Purchases Cottage Hotel
McKean County Democrat, March 16th, 1950

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mong have purchased the Cottage Hotel from Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Connors. Mr. and Mrs. Mong will take over the business as soon as the liquor license is transferred. The Cottage Hotel, located at the corner of Fulton and Water Streets was taken over by the Connors several years ago and enjoys an excellent patronage. Mr. and Mrs. Mong are the former owners of the Corner Restaurant and Tap Room, disposing of their property a short time ago to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Beoro of Mt. Jewett.
Fulton House Grand Opening Sponsors
McKean County Democrat, Juen 15th, 1950

Drechsler Cabinet Co.(supplied the bar, backbar, lunch counter, and table tops), National Store Fixture Co.(supplied the seating), Star Metal Co.(supplied the back bar bottle coolers and the stainless steel restaurant equipment), and P. I. Frankhouser Supplies(supplied the supplies and equipment)
Opening Of Fulton House
McKean County Democrat, June 15th, 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Mong are announcing a Grand Opening of their recently remodeled and redecorated hotel on the corner of Fulton and Water Sreets in this borough. They ave renamed their hostelry The fulton House, formerly known as the Cottage Hote. On friday and saturday evenings of this week, June 16 and 17, they will have Open House and invite the general public to visit them. There will be orchids for the ladies. They have done an extensive job of redcorating and have installed a dining room in the space occupied by the former bar. P.I. Frankhouser of Bradford, whose compay has been installing the most modern bar equipment, said this week that the direct draw system, air-cooled unit which he put in for Mr. and Mrs. Mong is the first of the tpe in McKean County. The Drechsler Company of Elrana, Pa., manufactured the new bar which is of latest design and convenience. The back bar refrigeration is by the Star Metal Manufacturing company of Phladelphia and is of stainless steel construction, both outside and inside, with latest blower coil refrigeration. Each box has a storage capacity of twenty-two cases. A Ken-O-Mat bottle dispenser disposes of empty bottles down a chute to the basement. jThe private dining room is very attractive with beautiful tab le of the latest construction and materials and chrome chairs covered in ivory Duran. Modern indirect lighting adds to the attractiveness of the different rooms.