Backus Photographs

These are some small pocket knives and money clips that were made
between the 1930's and the 1960's by Backus Corporation.

These are some of the inside parts to a peppermill that were being
made by Backus for Chef Specialties in the 1970's.

These are the top pieces to the peppermill.

This is a wire harness used to attach electrical wires to buildings and
to keep them from getting tangled the wires would wrap around the twisted part.
The nickname for this piece was a pigtail.

This is an old style window hinge.

This piece is an electric conductor that you would find
in a child's scientist kit.  One end holds a battery and the other holds
a lightbulb.  Backus only made the electrical contacts.

This is an umbrella lock. It was manufactured in the early thirtys.
Its purpose was to keep a persons umbrella from being lost or

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