1906 Backus Manufacturing Company
company first organized 1899 as Backus Safety Check Hook Manufacturing Company

photo credit: Backus / Pierotti Collection

See exact location of this 1906 Backus building!
(1909 Sanborn-Perris Insurance Map)

In the picture above are left to right standing:  1.  E. A. Hamilton, Fred Taylor, Bert Kidder, Merle Cosper
                                                                        2.  Fred Hungerville, John Digel Sr., Fred Burlingame,
                                                                             Ed Keifer, J. Clayton Backus
                                                                        3.  J. C. Wirt, Earl Lyman, Clay Chilcotti,
                                                                             Craighton Burlingame

The Backus Corporation was founded in 1906 by Robert W. Hilton, John M. Hilton, and J.C. Backus directors and the ownership was equal.  The Corporation purpose was the manufacturing of Hat & Coat Locks and other novelties.1908:  The company expanded its machinery, building, and business was good.

Backus Manufacturing Granted Charter
Mckean County Miner June 9, 1899
The Governor on Wednesday granted a charter to the Backus Safety Check Hook Manufacturing Company.

Backus Introduced
McKean County Miner Aril 12, 1900

The Backus book will be introduced to prominent hotel men in Chicago and St. Louis this week. The book is pronounced a wonder wherever shown. Traveling men are ananimou in the opinion that it will make a fortune for its backers.

Backus Injury
McKean County Miner Aril 12, 1900
Murl Backus had the end of his little finger on his left hand crushed in a power press at he Backus check Hook works this morning. Dr. Clark attended the injury.

The Official Backus/Chef Specialties Timeline

1906: Backus teams
with Holmes & Gilfillan

1906: Birth of Backus Company

Early Backus Garage: Backus builds
automotive garage in front of Backus Co.

1911: Cutglass Factory
purchased by Backus Novelty

1950's: Backus joins the Garage
and the new factory

location of original Backus Novelty Works factory in 1909

Sanborn-Perris Insurance Map 1909

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Backus Pinsetters
Backus Pinsetters patent
Holmes and Gilfillan


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