1929- Johnson Pharmacy Comes to Smethport

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Johnson Pharmacy Experience Has Satisfied Many
McKean County Democrat February 19, 1943

The assurance that he is being attended by a professional medical practitioner and that the required prescriptions are compounded by dependable pharmacist is one of the finest healing medications known the sick and ailing. With such a combination the patient is given the proper mental attitude .

Noted for dependable service throughout the Smethport trading area, the Johnson Pharmacy has been serving the prescriptions needs of many of the residents of this vicinity for the past 14 years. Compounded by registered pharmacists all prescriptions brought to this drug store are filled to the exact specifications ordered by the family physician.

Abiding by the highest standards of the profession this Main Street drug store has been amply rewarded for this practice by the large amount of repeat business that has been conducted. There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer and Johnson’s have thousands.

Owned by Leonard B. Johnson the pharmacy was purchased by its present proprietor from the late Harry Wells one of the pioneer druggists in this section, in 1932 schooled in the latest merchandising methods because of the many years of previous service in the employee of many of the largest chain drug stores in the United States, Mr. Johnson immediately set bout to modernize his store after purchasing the enterprise.

Today, the Johnson Pharmacy presents a most attractive appearance, comparable to that seen in the modern drugstores of the larger cities. The latest in well illuminated display cases presents the large stock of prepared and packaged merchandise stocked in the proper perspective. It ah's been a standing policy of the management to offer for sale only those drugs and medicines compound by manufacturing pharmacists whose reputation in the trade is unquestioned, and whose many years of satisfactory performance guarantee the quality of their present day products.

The owner, a native of Smethport, graduated from the local high school in 1923, after which he matriculated at the school of pharmacy at the University of Buffalo, receiving his diploma in 1925. Mr. Johnson later took graduate work in his chosen profession at New York and Columbia University. It was at these schools were he took special courses in business administration, providing him with a firm background in business management.

After completing his schooling in 1927 Leonard Johnson was employed by such nationally known chain drug concerns as Harvey, and Carey Liggetts , and Walgreen’s. This experience with his local background provided Mr. Johnson with the foundation that latter developed the Johnson Pharmacy into the modern and reliable drug store that it is today.
Since returning to Smethport Leonard Johnson has proven to one of the prime movers in the local Rotary Club. He has been the “Father” of many of the more worthwhile civic projects sponsored by that organization. He is also in charge of the gala Pennsylvania Week which is now in progress here in Smethport.

Never losing sight of his profession Mr. Johnson by hard work has been rewarded by the Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association with many high offices within that organization. A member of the body’s executive committee. Leonard Johnson was among those who speeded action towards the purchase of the organizations headquarters building in Harrisburg.

To the layman this state body perhaps means little but to the qualified professional it represents one of the few major non-governmental agencies that is ever alert to the shady activities of the quack dispenser of drugs and medicines. The high practicing standards existing in the profession today are due in no little measure to the activates of the Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association of which Mr. Johnson is a vital cog.