200 Block Main Street
Location of William Kerr's Theatre & William Kerr's Jewelry Store

photo credit: John G. Coleman Collection

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Kerr Theatre1906

Anderson Boot & Shoe Shop 1895

Kerr Jewelry Store 1940

Kerr Magnet Toys 1906


Mr. William Kerr was a jeweler from 1890 until 1911. During this time period, there were a number of jewelry shops in Smethport. Along with his jewelry business, he had a theater and a toy company.

These are original ads for Kerr's Jewelry Store from the 1907 and 1908 McKean County Miner.
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This ad displays a Railroad Watch that was produced by Kerr Jewelry. The ad was featured in a 1908 issue of the McKean County Miner.

This ad was displayed in the December 12, 1907 edition of the McKean County Miner. It is advertising Christmas gifts for Kerr Jewelry. Mr. Kerr used glass from Smethport's local glass factories in many of his products.
1909 Sanborn-Perris Map

photo credit: Sanborn-Perris Insurance Map - Michael Arthurs Collection

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