1881:  The Rockwell House

photo credit:  R. C. Gleason


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Not many people are left who can remember this huge, beautiful building, known originally as the ROCKWELL HOUSE.  Those who do, however, describe it as nothing less than an absolute marvelous palace. The hotel, which was located on West Main Street, was constructed between 1880-81 by S. J. Rockwell, who then named it the Rockwell House.  He remained the proprietor for a only a few months.  (This picture was taken July 4, 1898. Smethport made all of their hotels and other places of business look marvelous with ribbon and flags on the Fourth of July.)

Following Rockwell were three other proprietors, and then the hotel was purchased by H. B. Vincent, who renamed it the Chautauqua House. The first advertisement for it appears in the February 5, 1886 of The McKean County Miner, whereit's listed as the Chautauqua House with proprietor H. B. Vincent, J. L. Thomas, and then Burgess Daniel Bacon became proprietors after Vincent. Originally, it had three floors.  Later, there was a fourth floor added to the building.


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