1900-1933:  Imperial Hotel

photo credit:  John G. Coleman Collection


The Imperial Hotel was lifted to create a fourth floor in 1900 and 1901.  Acker's Restaurant and Saulpaugh's Newspaper received more business than what it did in 1886.  More people were able to stay at the hotel and that made it easier for the restaurant and newspaper to be in business more because of the two floors of hotel.  Though the fourth floor was used as pretty much a house, it still made the Imperial Hotel look as marvelous as before.

photo credit:  McKean County Historical Society
As the years went on, the Imperial Hotel had received telephone pole and electrical lines hooked to the building.  The fourth floor did not have any electricity running through it, but the other three floors had electricity.  Though the roads were not paved until the poles were put in, the hotel was easy to get to with the dirt roads.

photo credit:  McKean County Historical Society


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