1901: The Holley Hotel
153 Main St. Bradford, PA

Photo Credit: "Historical Bradford Illustrated 1901"

Holley's Original Factory

George Holley's Motor Carriage

George Holley's Motor Bicycle

The Holley was built was Mr. Frank P. Holley in 1901. The Holley was built on the site of the former Riddell house. The Holleys lived on the second floor in the front apartment on the corner of Main and Davis. Frank Holley had two sons, George and Earl, who attended Bradford Public High School.
The Holley boys were natural tinkers and mechanics, and it was George who first experimented with putting a gasoline motor onto a bicycle. It is believed that George's motor bicycle, created in 1896, was the first of its kind in the U.S.A.

Hotel Holley
"Historical Bradford Illustrated 1901"

This superb hotel, recently completed, is the finest in western New York and Pennsylvania. It is strictly fire proof in every sense of the word, the only wood used in the entire building being the doors, door casings and windows.

The hotel Holley occupies a ground space of 100x130 feet and has 90 rooms, 50 of which have baths connnected. The plumbing is all exposed and nickel plated, the closets and lavatories being wainscoted with Italian marble. The furnishings throughout the house are of the very best. Biglow axminster and body brussell carpets being used entirely. The bedsteads are the latest procurable, being of brass and having a covered box spring with hair mattresses.

Special mention is made of the kiktchen which, besides having all the modern appliances necessary for cooking cappetizing food, is entirely covered with white tile. There is a finely appointed billard hall, reading room, barber shop and bar.

The Hotel Holley was built by E. N. Unrub, but it has been under the personal supervision of Mr. F. P. Holley, who has watched every part completed adn his whole thought has been to construct a building that would make a comfortable, safe and luxurious home for his guests and to say that he has succeeded nobly hardly covers it. Mr. Holley was born at Monticello, N.Y., coming to Bradford in 1885 and has resided here ever since.

He was proprietor of the late Riddell house for fifteen years, his patronage increasing to such an extent that larger quarters were necessary so the Riddell was torn down and the present hotel Holley was erected on the same site. Mr. Holley is very popular and the universal wish is that his successful career will continue.

Read About Later Hotel Owner, John C. Looker


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2003: Hotel Holley

photo credit: Bradford Landmark Society
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