Smethport's 1838 Methodist Church: Today's Methodist Church
one of the oldest, continually in use public buildings in McKean County (photo left)
original Dr. S.D. Freeman residence when he 1st moved to smethport (right) more Dr. Freeman below.

photo credit: Mckean County Historical Society

1838: Very first
Methodist church

1895: The church
with additions

Church steeple
is removed

1980's: Renovations
to the church

Completion of

2005: Church today

See painted panorama of Smethport 1858
Brief history of the United Methodist Church

Dr. S. D. Freeman
In 1858, this house was the home and office of Dr. S. D. Freeman. The next location of Dr. Freeman's office was "one door north of the Miner's Office" in 1860. Later, Dr. Freeman and his family moved to 17 Rosehill Avenue. Dr. Freeman opened a sanitarium on King Street, establishing Smethport's first and only hospital. Below is an advertisement for Dr. Freeman's Office.

Dr. S. D. Freeman
Physician and Surgeon
Office at his residence, on door north of the Methodist Church
McKean County Democrat, November 6th, 1858

1858 -Dr. Freeman Office
(former 1st school building)

1895 Dr. S. D. Freeman Residence

1895 Dr. Freeman Residence on Rosehill Ave.


1895 Dr. S. D. Freeman

1895 Dr. Freeman opens Sanitarium on King Street


Smethport's Schools
In 1828, Mr. Richard Chadwick built a framed house in the rear of In 1828, the Dr. S. D. Freeman Residence was Smethport's first school. It was a one room school house and the schoolmaster was Mr. Chadwick. Then in 1858, the Smethport Academy was started on King Street. Below is timeline of Smethport schools following both the elementary and high school from Church Street to King Street and finally across town to Brenann Hill.