1900:  New Smethport Public School Constructed After Fire

photo credit: John G. Coleman Collection

Timeline of Smethport Schools


First Smethport School



First Smethport Academy



Second Smethport Academy



New Brick School



Second Brick School



Addition of the Elementary School



Additions put on the 1900 School



New High School built across town on Brennan Hill



The Family Medical Center, located in the area of the old school



The new school structure served as  the Smethport High school from its completion in 1900 until it was replaced by
the present high school in 1961.  From 1961 until 1986 it served as the Smethport Grade School.  It was torn down in 1991.

New School Building Is Now Complete
Was placed in use last Monday. Classes are now nicely settled in new building.

Smethport, McKean County Dec. 3 1914

The new school building has been finished and delivered, and on Monday was occupied fore the first time for school purposes. The eight grade, taught by Miss Rose Allen, and part of the 4th and 6th grades, taught by Miss Hasel McAllistor and Miss Georgin Preston. Respectively were moved into the building and are now nicely settled in their new quarters.

This now two story brick building which stands on the east side of the high school building on the school house square was completed by the Tuna Construction Co., of Bradford and is an ornament to the town. The building is not only handsome in design but admirably fitted for the purpose for which it is intended. It contalas two large, pretty rooms on the first floor which are equipped with ample cloakt room and other facilities. These rooms will each accommodate 86 pupils without crowding. the second f;ppr at [resemt fpr,s pme big room which can easily be converted if necessary, into two fine rooms. The lighting arrangements of the building are perfect, numerous windows commanding light from all sides. The basement is a large one and has been finished off nicley. The heating apparatus is a perfect one and the ventillationg process is very good. E.W Strong of Smethprt had the constract for the plumbing the building and his job is a most satisfactory one.

The completion of this building revieling as it does the congression of the high school building which has exsisted for some time will come in the nature of a soon to bolt the pupils of the borough schools and their efficient corps of instruction. It is said that even with the past few weeks the student body of the school has increased by twenty. the first grade taught by Miss Rachael Mayo is composed of 81 pupils at the present time and it is quite possible that it may be necessary to move part of this grade into the new building.


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