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The Kewpie Doll
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In the quiet hills of northwestern Pennsylvania there lay a place that had created a magical doll.  That doll would be the Kewpie doll. Now, granted the Kewpie doll was conceived by Rose O'Neill.  She lived in Missouri at that time.  Rose O'Neill sketched a small creature, a child-like character that drew everybody's attention.  But she needed someone to take the Kewpie from sketch form and transform it into doll form.  That's were Joseph L. Kallus came in.  Rose O'Neill  sent an advertisement for a sculptor to the Fine Arts College of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where Joseph L. Kallus was being educated.  Joseph L. Kallus accepted the job of transforming the Kewpie into doll form and thus the Kewpie was born.  Getting the doll to the masses was the next task at hand.  Joseph L. Kallus set up a small manufacturing plant in Port Allegeny, Pa. and made the dolls.  Then Mr. Kallus would have the dolls sent to retail stores and that's how he gave the children of the world a doll, the Kewpie doll, to be loved and cherished, even to this day.  The Kewpie doll has been the surviving factor that small dreams can become real and big.  It is true that the Kewpie doll has been manufactured by other companies, but Port Allegeny, Pa. helped bring forth the doll that Rose O'Neill designed.

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