1859:  Robert King Residence

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Built circa 1859, this is one of the first houses in town.  It was originally built for Mr. Robert King, a direct descendant of the first settlers of McKean County.  King, a surveyor who worked all over the country and lends his name to King Street, had a small workshop on the back of the house from where his work was done.  Originally, the building had no porch, but was only a square building made with large wooden beams held together with wooden stakes, much like a barn was constructed in those days.  The porch and the addition in the back of the house were added around the turn of the century.


110 West Main 2000AD

The house had been past down from one generation to the next, never leaving the hands of the King family.  The house was sold for the
first time in 1958 to the Nannen family.  It remains in the Nannen's hands to this day.  Since it was built, nearly one hundred and forty years ago, it has only been purchased three times: when it was built by King in 1859, when it was sold to the Nannen family a hundred years later, and in 1993, when Graham Nannen bought if from his family's estate.  Much of the interior is vintage, or has been replaced with a special care to preserve the original ambiance of the King house.

The Nannen Mansion 2007 AD

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The Nannen Mansion 2000AD


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