Joseph B. Oviatt
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Smethport Jan 18th 1848

Tuesday.- Cold & Winday. I did not work much. Wm bro't over his account book & we settled our matters up to this date. except the hay my horses had last winter & he only accounted for twenty-five of the fifty dollars which the Cory's paid him for me on the old pr. office.  He made me the offer of $50. for my mare. Went up st. to see B. Freeman but he was not at home. Joel Bishop's wife died yesterday.

Smethport, Jan'y 19th 1848

Wednesday. - Cold in morning Went over in the morning & took up my notes for fifty-dollars & gave him my mare. He came over afterwards & proposed to let me have a deed for 1200 acres of land &c. Minard was up again today & after talking with him I concluded not to at present.

Smethport, 1st mo. 20th 1848

Thursday. - Chopped wood a part of the day & made arrangements to start for Hinsdale for oats & flour loaded up 22 bushels of stone coal to take along. Dr. M'Coy gave me $18. Wm $10 & H. Payne $7.25. I saw more of Payne's character this evening than ever in my life before.

Smethport, Jan 21st, 1848.

Friday - Was on the road as soon as it was light. Fed at Millgrove. A. Millport sp W. flour was worth $6.50 in bus. & $6. in bags. Went up to Hinsdale. Oats were worth 31 cts pr bushel. Staid all night at M. Ree's had supper. There was a ball at this house tonight & I did not retire till late.

Hinsdale, N.Y. Jan 22d 1848

Saturday. - Was up a little after four o'clock, had my horses fed & harnessed & my breakfast eat & ready to start as soon as day. Went up to Franklinville & (illegible) M. George's oats were worth 28 in the village & none for sale. Sold my coal for 25cts per bu & got the money for it. It fell short 2 1/2 bushels. Went on a mile to a farmer's & got 3 bushels of oats & left my bags till I returned from Buffalo. Went to Machias & staid all night.

Machias N. Y. Jan 23d, 1848

Sunday. Had breakfast &c & was on the road before light. went as far as Blakley's at Protection & fed. Went from there to Jackson's, 10 miles short of Buffalo. Jackson used to live in our county & pilot down the Allegany. Had supper &c.

Reservation near Buffalo Jan 24th 1848

Monday. - was on the road before day went in to Buffalo put up at the Buffalo Hotel. Bot 4 bus flour at $5. & 2 at $4. 1 bu salt $1.50 7 1 bu whiskey $8.24 of Smith & Carpenter, & paid $32. & gave my note for the balance - $5.80 Came back as far as Jackson's that ev. Did not pay my bill at the Hotel in Buffalo. A man by the name of Rich of Franklinville lost his horses this eve.

Reservation 10 miles from Buffalo Jan 25 1848

Tuesday - Was on the road again, before day. went as far as Holland fed at Morey's had dinner. In the room where we eat was a sick child which they thought wod live but a short time. It had the Scarlet fever. Came to Machias & staid all night. Got in late at night. Sold my whiskey. Got 3 bushels of oats & the rest in cash.

Machias Jan. 26 1848

Wednesday. - Came off early without breakfast or feeding. Came where I left my bags & fed & got breakfast Got 15 bushels of oats at 25 cts per bushel. Came to Franklinville & got some blacksmith work done & traded to the amt. of $2.95 cts. Com raining about ten o'clock & kept on nearly all day Came as far as Hinsdale & fed & got dinner with M'. Ree. Came on from there to Olean. The roads were getting pretty bad. Today was the first rain or unpleasant weather I had since i started. I put up at Comstock's in Olean.

Olean Jan 27th 1848

Thursday.- Was on the road about daylight.- It had rained some during the night & the roads were very bad. Got to Millgrove about half past 11 o'clock Threw off 3 bus of flour & 1 of salt. Fed & had dinner. Came from there home. Got home about eleven o'clock in the evening & unloaded in the office.

Smethport Jan 28th

Friday.- Rained some during the night. Did not do much thr'o the day. Mr. Payne got a bu of flour & W. Y. M'Coy another. Dr. Cory was in today & paid Wm $40.85 on account of land. Mr. Smith & Frances was over to Wms this afternoon, did not come in today.

Smethport, Jan 29

Saturday - Snowed some today. Mr. Smith was in today & got a part of the bu of flour that was left. Did not anything today except clean out the stable &c.

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